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  • essential oils 101

    Essential Oils 101

    New to essential oils? This class covers the top essential oils and the most common uses.

  • essential oils and precautions

    Essential Oil Danger & Precautions

    Learn safety tips and guidelines for how to use essential oils for every member of the family!

  • essential oils for kids

    Essential Oils for Kids

    Do you have kids? You will enjoy learning how to use essentials oils for the little ones in the family.

  • essential oils special needs

    Essential Oils for Special Needs

    Discover which essential oils support the body and mind for special needs children and adults.

  • essential oils mental health

    Essential Oils for Mental Health

    Mental health is vital. Discover how essential oils will support mental health.

  • essential oils and sleep

    Essential Oils and Sleep

    Essential Oils to use, and discover multiple ways to use them so that you and your family can find rest easily.

  • essential oils and womens health

    Essential Oils and Women's Health

    Learn how you can experience the many benefits of essential oils by using them to support women's overall health.

  • essential oils suppliments

    Essential Oil Supplements for Natural Health and Wellness

    Whatever your needs, Essential Oils are here to help—this class learn all about amazing supplements to provide just what you are missing from your Health and Wellness.

    During this class, we will discuss the important, all-natural options that are available to you, and which you may not even be aware of.

  • essential oils for toxin free living

    Essential Oils for Toxin - Free Living

    Looking to overhaul your home for a more toxin-free living? If so, this course is for you!

  • essential oils for kids

    Wholesale Membership with Essential Oils

    Interested in becoming a Wholesale Member? This class will teach you all about the perks!

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  • Clarice Hall

    Clarice Hall - EO Expert

    Hello! I am Clarice Hall and a dōTERRA® Essential Oils Wellness Advocate. I live in West Central Ohio and have been married for 36 years. We have two daughters, and a wonderful dog named Snoopy. We are also Memaw and Papaw to five beautiful grandchildren!

    We started using doTERRA Essential oils in October 2014. We as a family have enjoyed our experience with doTERRA and want to share this with others. We are passionate about teaching others about Simple, Safe, Natural Solutions for Healthy Living.

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